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April 2016

Installing fovis on ROS Hydro

Well, fovis_ros is ROS package which uses stereo camera output to estimate the position of a robot (ROS Hydro is the latest ROS distribution that supports fovis).

The installation process is a little tricky, I spent a whole day to figure it out. At the first place, I have to  mention that you need to use catkin to build it, yes you have to compile it yourself.

There are two more packages you need to install before compiling fovis: cmake_modules and libfovis.

For the first one you can use apt-get, like this:  sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-cmake_modules

To install libfovis, you have to download the source and compile it yourself, using catkin. Setup catkin first, if it’s not your default workspace. Clone the libfovis source in the src forlder:

$ roscd
$ cd src
$ git clone
$ cd ..
$ catkin_make libfovis

Now do the same thing for fovis package:

$ cd src
$ git clone
$ catkin_make fovis