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About Me

I have been working on and have published apps on the Apple AppStore for over three years. In this way, as a developer, I have attained an in-depth knowledge of the Apple iOS operating system and a firm command of the Swift programming language. I regularly draw on the vast resources of the built-in frameworks, third-party libraries and online services such as AWS, Firebase and other RESTful API’s. For completeness’ sake, I will also mention my many years of experience of developing websites using a diverse set of technologies, Python , C#, SQL, and indeed HTML, CSS, JavaScript, to name a few.
In my work I adhere to industry standard design and coding practices — modularity and clarity are meticulously balanced with brevity and efficiency; in short, I am a strong believer in taking a holistic approach to engineering problems.

I have several apps in the App Store (visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/maysam-shahsavari/id1008067211 ), in which I have used many built-in and third-party frameworks such as CoreData, AVFoundation, MapKit, StoreKit, Photos, Alamofire, GPUImage, AWS Frameworks, Firebase, etc.


Work History

April 2020 – Now

iOS Team-Lead

Dakia Digital


Mobile/Web/Desktop Developer


Skilled in a wide range of technologies and languages for developing client and server side applications. Published five iOS apps in the Apple App Store:

Frazeit: Finding a word or a phrase in news websites, to find out how to use them correctly — Using: CoreData, URLSession, NSCache.

Tahrir: Adding texts to images, bundled with more than 100 fonts and image filters. Using: GPUImage, Fabric, Google Analytics, ZipArchive, Networking, Custom fonts.

Dehkhoda: A Persian-to-Persian dictionary with advanced search features — Using: FMDB, AVFoundation, Alamofire, Fabric..

Kompressor: An extension for Photos to compress and filterize images — Using: MetalKit, CoreImage, Photos Extension..

Richee: A prototype instagram-like social network — Using: AWS Cognito, AWS SimpleDB, Alamofire, Backtory, SightEngine.

SKINUP (iOS): Skin disease diagnosis — Using: Alamofire, REST APIs, Photos Framework, AVFoundation, Networking, Fabric. (available on the local store only.)

Iran Daroo: A database for medical drugs in Farsi — Using: SQLite, AWS SimpleDB, Google Analytics, ZipArchive, Networking. (available on the local store only.)

Memrfy: A super simple meme generator.

Also, I’m currently working on four other apps, my own projects and as a contractor, which are using CoreData, Firebase, Alamofire, MapKit and AVFoundation mainly.

Also I had designed and implemented UI for a number of websites.

Network Operations Manager


Azmoon Keyfiat (5 years), Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Company (2 years), Aryian Satellite (2017 — 2020)



The 5th International Conference on Robototics and Mechatronics (ICRoM)

Tehran, Iran

Back-Stepping Sliding Mode Control of Quadrotor under Dynamic Uncertainties


The 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tehran, Iran

Application of Adaptive Particle Filter for Localizing a Mobile Robot using 3D Camera Data

Coding Skills

Swift, C#, SQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, git


CoreData, AVFoundation, Firebase, Alamofire, MapKit, GPUImage, AWS SimpleDB, and many other 3rd-party frameworks


Fix label cuts for custom fonts

Loading icon in search bar

A tutorial for adding a loading animation to UISearchBar


Image sharing social network using AWS Services and Backtory

AWS SimpleDB Viewer

An open-source iOS app to explorer AWS SimpleDB database

Tahrir App

Typography App with custom fonts and image filters

Dehkhoda Dictionary

Advanced Persian-Persian Dictionary with pronunciation


Compress image and apply filters using MetalKit

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maysam [dot] shahsavari [at] gmail [dot] com

+1 (408) 684-7041‬