About Me

I have been working on and have published apps on the Apple AppStore for over three years. In this way, as a developer, I have attained an in-depth knowledge of the Apple iOS operating system and a firm command of the Swift programming language. I regularly draw on the vast resources of the built-in frameworks, third-party libraries and online services such as AWS, Firebase and other RESTful API’s.

For completeness’ sake, I will also mention my many years of experience of developing websites using a diverse set of technologies,Python, C#, SQL, and indeed HTML, CSS, JavaScript, to name a few.

In my work I adhere to industry standard design and coding practices, modularity and clarity are meticulously balanced with brevity and efficiency; in short, I am a strong believer in taking a holistic approach to engineering problems.

I have several apps in the App Store (visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/maysam-shahsavari/id1008067211 )